Snowberry is great for landscaping a garden

Snowberry The arching stems of snowberries bear abundant fruit clusters for birds to feast on each fall. Berries form on the tips of dense branches of blue-green foliage. Recently introduced cultivars like ‘Scarlet Pearl’ (pictured) are especially noteworthy because of their larger, more colourful berries. With dense branching and a root system that spreads through […]

Landscaping With Blueberries

Landscaping With Blueberries Whether you’re planning an edible landscape or just want a pretty shrub with multi season interest, blueberries fit the bill. Taller-growing blueberries make a nice border or group planting, while half-highs look great edging a walkway or patio. Low bush blueberries make a handsome ground cover, especially in naturalised areas or sites […]