Locum are pleased to announce the 3.9 IR1 release of Safe & Secure available for download from our 'Downloads' area. This release may also be provided on CD media, upon request.

Safe & Secure is Locum's highly-regarded and well-established security software for Unisys ClearPath MCP systems. It centralizes and simplifies security administration while offering, through AdminDesk, a wide range of powerful tools and inquiry facilities.

We live in a world with increasing threats to IT system and information security. Protecting business information while simultaneously increasing productivity has never been more important. Locum Software Services specialises in protecting the ClearPath MCP environment by offering a suite of dedicated and integrated products that provide Security Alerting, Assessment, Auditing and Administration.

Locum RealTime Monitor is the MCP security dashboard that provides immediate alerts of security-related activity and violations.

Find out how RealTime Monitor can help you gain total monitoring control over ClearPath MCP systems, through the use of its highly-flexible alert designation, together with routing of system and security events. See RealTime Monitor.

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